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Flab Mag: Interview with Matthew Embree about ME&LP


Chez Raymond, an EP by ME&LP of six disparate but complimentary songs crafted by Matthew Embree (RX Bandits) and Lisa Papineau (Big Sir), is a sentimental homage to the joys of collaboration and musical experimentation. The styles veer from lilting Flamenco on the EP opener Quatro to rolling country-folk on EP closer – a tune Embree calls “a joke” (it’s not) – Right On Down the Line with some pseudo Afro-pop and indie balladeering in between. Understand, there are no false notes to be found anywhere on this EP. This is owed in part to Lisa Papineau’s vast body of work traversing many genres and her obvious skill at creating compelling vocal instrumentations. Add to the mix the soulful voice of Matt Embree and you have a satisfying first beginning to what I hope is a long-term project.

I sat down with Matthew Embree for a brief Q&A when RX Bandits played in Sacramento on the farewell tour. I had no idea who he was or that he is very much loved and his band is popular with the kids. But I had listened to Chez Raymond at least 100 times by then so this interview is about that project.

FLABmag: I heard you met Lisa at an art opening and immediately knew you had to collaborate with her, but what was the context? Did you hear her sing or did you shake hands and it was an immediate connection?

Matthew Embree: No, I heard her sing first in the band Big Sir with Juan (Aldrete) from The Mars Volta and I thought she was just amazing and is obviously incredibly talented. Her voice just struck me, you know?

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COS Reviews: ME&LP “Chez Raymond”

ME & LP is a pretty straightforward name for a band, considering the members’ names are Matthew Embree and Lisa Papineau. Taking into consideration the duo’s respective backgrounds, Rx Bandits and Big Sir (with work on Air and M83 records as well), though, the situation becomes a little less direct. What kind of sound could be expected from mixing a member of The Sound of Animals Fighting and an ethereal vocalist/film scorer? Minimalist, restrained, and mellow probably were not the first words to come to mind, but that’s what the delightful Chez Raymond EP gives us, and as it progresses through its six tracks, it proves to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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Chez Raymond Is Now Out Everywhere

me&LP “Chez Raymond” now available at Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all digital retailers worldwide. CD available for order HERE


RCRD LBL Featured DL “Bonnie Says (No Shitty Ride)”

Matthew Embree and Lisa Papineau, two musicians with quite the pedigree between them (Rx Bandits and Big Sir, plus contributions to Air and M83, respectively), have joined forces in the shape of ME & LP. An unexpected pairing with backgrounds that could have landed them anywhere on the map, the surprising result is all the more satisfying. “Bonnie Says (No Shitty Ride)” has a dance groove at its core, maracas and some well-placed plucking creating a nice foil to Embree’s seasoned crooning. Papineau’s part does much the same, offering an airy, playful flair with parallels to Thao & Mirah’s latest at times. And just as with that dream team, ME & LP showcase the mark of a worthy match-up, pushing each other successfully into new terrain. The LP, Chez Raymond, is out August 9 on Sargent House.


ME&LP Store Is Now Open!

Pre-Orders for Chez Raymond CD’s are now up, you can also order a nifty bundle that comes with a choice of T-Shirt both are printed on American Apparel and first 250 orders recieve the limited edition poster (seen below) items are also available individually.  Orders ship on or around August 9th, 2011 to anywhere in the world.